Door Material:    MDF 

Door surface finish: Matt

Carcass Material:  White plywood(Asia)  

Customized Carcass :PF Plywood(North Americe) ,Partice Board World Brand(Australia )

High quality special customization BCD01

  • Our panels are made of MDF panels coated in a decorative paper by thermal fusion, in order to obtain superior protection against abrasion, moisture and impact. A warm undercoat of our polyurethane Pu+ is applied to the surface to prevent cracking and delamination. Three acrylic coats, with glossy or matte finish, are then applied with heat and polymerized with UV rays, producing a hardened surface resistant to household products.

  • 10% Restocking fee for knock down cabinets - must be in original box
    25 % Restocking fee for All assembled cabinets (Credit will be made after inspected in all good
    All Modification cabinets and special order are non returnable and non refundable