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Boss Cabinet design  uses famous brand hardware for our kitchen cabinet, wardrobes, bathroom vanity, brand like Blum, Hettich, GRASSHOPPER etc.
We carefully choose the best accessories for our products because wisely choosing hardware really counts for the service life of the home furniture and for your life quality!

For customer's convenience, we wholesale related accessories for kitchen cabinet,bedroom wardrobe,bathroom vanity.The items include:Hinge、Drawer slide、Handle、Skirt boards、
Storage hardware ,like tall basket,dishbasket。


The walk-in closet is a furnishing system capable of creating an environment specifically designed for all clothing and accessories in the house. It is the room where clothes, shoes, bags, belts, scarves and any other type of accessory can be neatly stored but it is also the place where we can have fun trying on any garment as if we were in a boutique but with the advantage of being in your own bedroom. When space permits, a walk-in closet tailored to your needs is the ideal solution, because it allows you to organize the interior space in a rational way, increasing accessibility. Walk-in closets have the power to create a space in which everything can be placed in its own precise, appropriate and specially designed place. Everything you need is always there ready to be chosen, tested and used, always in absolute order because every single piece of furniture and space is designed to accommodate every single object. The walk-in closet is therefore like a small kingdom created specifically for clothes and clothes a kingdom that almost seems a magical place out of time.


Cabinets Accessories

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