Glossy kitchen caibnet door

These surfaces create the appearance of a solid piece of wood you can use to enhance virtually any kitchen design

What's the advantage of PET ?

1. High glossy PETG film has high transparency,high brightness and excellent chemical resistance.

3. Surface hardness 4H and good scratch resistance.

4. Good performance of processing, no harmful substance when burning.

5. Fresh solid color(18 colors for your choice,refer to below picture)

6.High glossy PETG film has the feature of color saturation gaudy, natural bright.

7. Excellent stability.

8.No deformation, moisture-proof, no oxidation, no smell 

9.Durable and high quality


We have two options for the substrate of the PET ,one is MDF and the other E0 plywood(Carb standared is available).

You can check below are part of the colors of our PETG door panel.


To creat a high class and modern kitchen cabinet,Jisheng PETG kitchen cabinet door will do the trick. 

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