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The wood is tough, the texture is clear, and the hardness and strength are moderate. Generally, it can be used for openwork and relief. The planing surface is smooth, and the string surface is beautiful. The wood has good elasticity, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Moderate hardness, not easy to deform, not easy to crack.
Family: Ulmus

Origin: Russia

The heart of the tree is yellowish-brown to reddish-brown, with obvious growth rings, slightly wavy, and slow drying; it has relatively distinct mountain-shaped wood grains. Moderate toughness, can be processed into various bending shapes according to needs. It is used in many ancient door and window grilles.
Family: Quercus
Origin: Russia, USA

The sapwood is creamy white, and the heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate, with occasional purple and darker streaks. The heartwood has strong corrosion resistance, good dimensional stability, and is not easy to deform. The string section is a beautiful large parabolic pattern. The surface gloss is saturated and the color is rich and full.
Family: Juglandaceae
Origin: North America, Europe, S
outheast Asia

White Elm
Scope of application
It is suitable to be made into furniture, and can be designed through different design forms to design a unique effect that reflects the aesthetics of modern architecture and material design aesthetics.

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